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Points & Vouchers

Gexworldwide.com features a Loyalty Rewards System.

Users who register an account on our website will automatically be enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards System. While account registration is not mandatory for purchasing products, if you wish to accrue Loyalty Points, you must register, which will seamlessly synchronize your shopping history with the Loyalty Rewards System.

Upon returning to our website, you'll find a button in the bottom left corner where you can conveniently check your points and redeem vouchers.

This system operates fully automatically, and we neither interfere with nor alter your rewards. It is entirely dependent on your purchase history.

The points redemption follows the Gexworldwide.com Points Rules:

  1. Earn 500 points for every $100 spent on products.
  2. Both the referrer and the referred friend receive 500 points for friend referrals.
  3. Provide a text review for a product upon receipt and earn 300 points. Additionally, submit a picture or video review for an extra 200 points.

Every 100 points can be exchanged for $1. You can redeem vouchers for $5 or $10 each time, and there are no usage restrictions.

Points are valid for 12 months; any points beyond this period will automatically expire.

Feel free to use your redeemed points vouchers directly during your next checkout.