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Photo & Video Review Collection Program

Dear Valued Customer,

Gexworldwide.com is excited to launch the Photo & Video Review Collection Program, designed to showcase authentic product images and videos on our social media for the benefit of our users.

This program comes with rewards, as we believe our customers are a creative bunch.

Details of the Program:

  1. Participating Brands: GEX, GEXWORLDWIDE, LUBOT.
  2. Eligible Product Types: Custom Cushion, Custom Curtain, Men's Toupee, Women Pajamas, Women Sweater, Women Hoodie.
  3. Ensure clear photos taken with either a smartphone or camera.
  4. Send photos or videos to Sales@gexworldwide.com, including your order number and PayPal account. We'll respond to your email once we confirm your submission.
  5. Regardless of the platform where you made the purchase, you can participate by specifying your purchase platform and order number in the email.
  6. For video reviews, feel free to express your thoughts – praise, criticism, suggestions, recommendations – we welcome it all. This activity is an opportunity for us to hear your feedback.
  7. If you have social media accounts, you can include them in the email, and we'll mention you when we share on social media.
  8. This notification will be posted at the bottom of the Gexworldwide.com website. The program is ongoing until we decide to discontinue the display.

Reward Rules:

  • Display 3-5 photos showcasing the product's usage: $5 reward.
  • Product usage video, approximately 10 seconds: $10 reward.
  • Product explanation video, showcasing your experience with our product, with a minimum duration of 20 seconds: $20 reward.

Reward Distribution:

Once you send your review to our email, we'll confirm your content within 1-2 business days. After confirmation, we'll initiate a cash transfer to your PayPal account. We won't confirm your PayPal account during this process, so please ensure it is correct. Upon transferring funds, we'll provide a screenshot and reply to your email for confirmation.


  1. Participation in this activity implies your consent for GEX, GEXWORLDWIDE, and LUBOT to use your photos or videos for posting on the brand's social media or website.
  2. Only one reward is allowed per order, and repetition is not permitted. You can submit reviews multiple times, but we will issue the reward only once. If you submit photos first and videos later, we will complete your bonus accordingly.
  3. We respect your privacy and assure all participating customers that we will not publish your personal information on any website or platform.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us to confirm your willingness to participate in the program.