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Frequently Asked Questions

About Curtain Width

How many times should I choose FULLNESS

It usually depends on how full you want your curtains to be, with 2X FULLNESS giving the best results. And so on. We will update a comparison picture later. For user reference.

Triple Pleat Why you don’t need FULLNESS

Since Triple Pleat's curtains are relatively expensive to make, they are already very full during the production process, so there is no need to add additional fabric.

About Curtain Height

How should I measure curtain height?

The desired height of your curtains is usually measured from the bottom of the curtain rod to your floor.

What is the best size for curtain height?

The height of curtains depends on the individual. In most homes, the height of curtains is just right to the floor. Some people have high requirements for light shielding and may require the curtains to be longer and dragged on the floor. In order to keep the curtains hygienic, some people choose curtains that are shorter than the ground. In fact, you can customize it to the size you want. But we recommend that you just touch the floor.