Reward Program


Reward Program Online

100G Coin = $1
You can cash 10000G Coin to your Paypal account🌟🌟🌟


How Earn G Coin?
  • Purchase Item on our Website Will Get 200G 
  • Log In a new account 200G
  • Place An Order (1G for Every $1 Spent)
  • On Your Birthday 200G
  • Share our website on Facebook 50G
  • Share our website on Twitter 50G
  • Like our Facebook Page 100G
  • Follow our Instagram 100G
Review (Please wait 48hrs, our system need to recognize your review)
(Beginning July 23, 2018)
  • Text Reviews 200G
  • Photo Reviews 500G
Social Media
  • Share Our Items On Instagram @Gexworldwide 500G
  • Share Our Products Review Video On Youtube and Email Us 1000G - 10000G 
Share to Your Friends
You Will Get 200G
Your Will Friends Get 5%off Coupon

How Spend G Coin?