Analysis of hair system and hair transplantation

Analysis of hair system and hair transplantation


If you have a bald or a certain degree of hair loss, you may feel inferior to your appearance, which is natural, because the whole hair is more attractive, a sign of youth and vitality. Especially for patients with baldness caused by certain diseases, they want to face their friends with perfect appearance. Although Gexworldwide has a more comprehensive hair replacement system, many people still want to know which one is better for them.


Let's take a moment to compare the benefits of a hair replacement system with a hair transplant to get the best solution for you.


What does the hair replacement system mean?

Hair replacement system refers to all kinds of wig bought by men and women. At first, the hair replacement system was called hairpieces, but because of the development of toupee, it makes more choices suitable for different groups of people, many people call the hair replacement systems as Toupee.

A good Toupee is a hairline and wig edge that mimics human nature to hide baldness for the perfect overall effect.


The advantages of the hair replacement system.

Comparing hair repair surgery, the main advantage is that hair replacement system saves money. Besides, hair replacement system will not cause infection caused by surgery and complications due to surgery. Even for patients with temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy or other diseases, hair replacement system is more suitable. But for hair replacement systems, it takes time to manage and update their wig.

Many people are very satisfied with the wig, because with the development of toupee, the hair replacement system is more humanized, including the material of the net base and the color of the wig is diverse. For many people, unless you deliberately observe your wig, a good wig system is hard to conscious.


What's the hair transplant?

Hair transplant is performed by placing hair follicles along the scalp of the patient. These transplanted hair follicles will heal in a few months. Hair follicles grow new hair, and the new hair looks more natural than the wig.


Advantages of hair transplantation.

The main advantage of hair transplant is that the patient can grow his hair again. There is no need to worry about managing the new wig because of time. And the hair after surgery looks more natural, even close to people. With the development of medicine, scars and other wounds left behind by surgery will also be hidden.


So how do you choose?

Compare the advantages of two hair loss solutions. If you are interested in a wig, but does not know what kind of toupee base and the color suits yourself, you can contact us for further help, and we will give you a satisfactory solution to the hair replacement system. If you think you are more suitable for hair transplant, you can contact your doctor and listen to more professional advice.

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